FYAA Lacrosse Information

FYAA’s Forest Lacrosse offers recreational youth lacrosse for ages 6-14. Forest Lacrosse is committed to providing a positive experience for every athlete. Forest Lacrosse provides the opportunity for young athletes to benefit from the transformative power of sports. Our goal for athletes in our program is to foster player development, learn and reinforce proper fundamentals, and instill values of teamwork, discipline, and a sense of community.

The sport of lacrosse is a combination of basketball, soccer, and hockey. It is played with a stick, which must be mastered by the player to throw, catch, and scoop the ball, with quickness and speed being two highly-prized qualities. Lacrosse is fast-paced and full of action!

Forest Lacrosse offers a fall season of skill development and conditioning and a full spring season of competitive league games for boys and girls. The program is open to all applicants regardless of skill level in the region. The division registered for will depend on their birth year. Please visit USA Lacrosse for age recommendations and to use as a reference.

Fighting for It


Teams will practice 1-2 times per week – depending on age –generally beginning in early March.


Forest Lacrosse home fields are located at FYAA Stadium, Nissan Field, and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. Locations of away games can be found on our website under Field Locations.

Required USA Lacrosse Membership

USA Lacrosse provides a leadership role in virtually every aspect of the game throughout the United States, and offers a number of programs and information services to its national membership and more than one million lacrosse enthusiasts throughout the country.

To register and participate in the FYAA Youth Lacrosse program, you must first register and purchase a membership with USA Lacrosse for your player. Once complete, please return to registration to continue signing up with FYAA Lacrosse. You will need to include your membership ID to complete registration. If you have not already signed up with USA Lacrosse, please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Obtain current USA Lacrosse membership

  • IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CURRENT USA LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP: CLICK HERE to go to USA Lacrosse Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Lacrosse. Each player must have their own unique USA Lacrosse confirmation number.


  • TO LOOK UP/RENEW A USA LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP: CLICK HERE to go to USA Lacrosse Membership Lookup. Please note: Your player's membership must be valid through August 31, 2024. 

    If the above link is not working please try:

Step 2:  Return to registration and proceed. Later in the registration, you will need to enter the USA Lacrosse Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1.

Lacrosse Age Divisions

Age divisions are determined by the player’s age as of August 31st and their birth year. Players who are at or below the maximum age as of August 31st are eligible to play in that division for the spring.

Lacrosse age divisions are as follows:

  • 8U (8 and younger as of 8/31/2023)
  • 10U (10 and younger as of 8/31/2023)
  • 12U (12 and younger as of 8/31/2023)
  • 14U (14 and younger as of 8/31/2023)

For more information, please visit USA Lacrosse Age and
Eligibility Guidelines.


FYAA is always in need of coaches! Please consider volunteering as a Head Coach,  Assistant Coach, Sideline Manager, Scorekeeper, Timekeeper, or other roles as needed.

We have materials, resources, and training available to guide you if you are new to the sport!

*Bedford County and USA Lacrosse policy requires all coaches to have a background check.


Loaner equipment is available for all age divisions on a first come, first served basis.

Required equipment:

  • Girls – lacrosse stick, mouthguard, and protective eyewear
  • Boys – helmet, lacrosse stick, gloves, cup, arm & shoulder pads, and mouthguard

Refer to for more information.

Chris Clark, Lacrosse Commissioner