FYAA Softball Information

FYAA offers a recreational, youth softball program for ages 6-16 (ages 4-6 see the Tee Ball program offered in the same seasons). The purpose of recreational softball is to provide an opportunity for the players to have fun, develop skills, and foster a love of the game. Sportsmanship and safety are the cornerstones of our program, and our volunteer coaches are committed to equally developing all players.

The FYAA Softball program is part of Little League® Softball and is open to all applicants regardless of skill level within the residency boundary designated for Bedford County (see boundary information below). Registration is offered in the spring and fall seasons. The division registered for will depend on their birth year (use the chart below for reference).

PLEASE NOTE: Players must reside within the Bedford County Little League boundary or attend a school within the boundary to be eligible to play unless they have an existing waiver in place.

Residency, Schools, and Eligibility

Players that reside within the Bedford County Little League boundaries, and\or attend a school within the Bedford County Little League boundaries, are eligible to play for Bedford County Little League and are also eligible for Bedford County Little League All Star tournament teams (All stars takes place in the spring season only).
For more information please visit Little League Boundary Information and to see if your residence is eligible use the League Finder here.


Spring practices begin in March. Fall practices begin in August. Teams will practice 1-2 times per week until game schedules begin.


Games may be held on weeknights as well as Saturdays. Spring's games begin late March. Fall games usually start after Labor Day. Make-up games are scheduled as needed into the end of the season. Spring concludes in early June. Autumn games typically end in late October or early November.

Game schedules are collaboratively scheduled through Bedford County Parks & Recreation. Locations of away games can be found on our website under Field Locations.

Forming Teams

There is an in-person draft held at the beginning of each season and will be a scheduled time for each age division.

Rosters are formed at the draft by coaches under the supervision of the Softball Commissioner and FYAA Administrator. In drafting rosters for all teams, the children of the head coach and assistant coach are automatically assigned to that team. Each Head Coach is allowed to have one Assistant Coach prior to the draft.

Practices will be held at FYAA Park Complex and Forest Recreation Center.

Little League Softball® Age Chart

Birth years for each season are shown in this chart.

Age charts determine the league age of a player according to the year and month of their birth.


FYAA Softball age divisions are as follows:

  • Tee Ball (ages 4-6)
  • Coach Pitch (ages 6-8)
  • Upper Minors (ages 8-10)
  • Majors (ages 10-12)
  • Junior/Senior (ages 13-15)

We often get questions along the lines of “How is the age determined?" The answer to this is in the chart.

The Age Determination Date for a Little League Softball player is the actual age of a child on December 31 of the previous year.


FYAA is always in need of coaches! Please consider volunteering as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach. We have materials and resources available to guide you if you are new to baseball. Bedford County policy requires all coaches to have a background check.


Players in all age groups will receive jerseys, a baseball hat, and a pair of socks to keep. Players will need a glove, cleats, and softball pants. Pant color will be determined by the coach. Optional items include an infielder mask, bat, and batting helmet.

Please return any other loaned equipment (helmets, bats, etc.) to your child’s head coach (or designated assistant) at the end of the season.


Angie Davis, Softball Commissioner